Hidden Haven – Parowan, UT

Hidden Haven – Parowan, UT

Trail Summary

Hidden Haven (also known as Benson Creek) is a quick hike that leads to a waterfall. The trail is one of my favorites as it weaves in and out of the forest with multiple benches, picnic tables, a fire pit, and an amphitheater along the way.  There are many shoot off trails off the main trail that loop back to the trail and provide some pretty views of Parowan Canyon.  During the Spring, the creek may run high and a little fast which results in having to walk across or in the creek to reach the end. The hike is relatively easy with the exception of the last 100 yards where the trail isn’t established and many rocks and fallen logs are in the way.  If you plan to wander the off shoot trails, bring plenty of water and good walking shoes.


Take the I-15 to Parowan, Utah Exit 78 and drive through the main street in Parowan until the end. Make a right turn onto Utah 143 towards Brianhead. Look for the Wildlife Management Area sign with a gravel pull-off between milepost 8 and 9 on the left hand side.

Trail Information

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Main Trail: Easy until last 100 yards.
ROUND TRIP LENGTH: .75 mile one way
AVERAGE HIKE TIME: 30 minutes roundtrip
PROPERTY MANAGEMENT: Department of Wildlife Resources
BEST TIME OF YEAR TO HIKE: Late Spring, Summer, Early Fall
PERMIT INFORMATION: No permit required
COST: No cost
CAMP SITES: No camping available; Although there are picnic tables, benches, and a fire pit.
TRAIL CONDITIONS: Main Trail: smooth dirt until last 100 yards where the established trail ends, then trail turns into rock.
SUN EXPOSURE: Trail runs mainly through the forest, with occasional sun exposure.

Trail Shoot Offs:

1 –  After crossing the first bridge, there is a shoot off to the left that is a loop. This trail is easy with some elevation gains.  This trail is fun to take and provides some pretty views of  Parowan Canyon.

2 – After crossing a couple bridges on the trail, you will reach a junction. The main trail is on the left and will lead you to the waterfall. The trail on the right will lead up the mountain. There are quite a few benches that provide great views of Parowan Canyon. As this trail goes pretty far, we didn’t have adequate water and supplies to finish this trail and see where it ends. We’ll have to come back and check it out again.

3- The middle trail will lead you to an amphitheater.

Click on the logo for more info on the trail.



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