Hi! I am Mrs. M.

Mr. M, our Little Man, and I love exploring the world around us, whether it is through various hikes, adventures, shows, venues, and etc.

 20170314_185956We created this website to remedy the statement we often hear from friends and family: “There is nothing to do!”  Southern Utah has a ton of things to offer to just about anyone: the artsy lover, the outdoor adventurer, the stay at home parent, or single young adult.  You just have to know where to look.

Hence, this blog. We offer valuable information on what to do, how to get there,  and what to bring ….where ever we happen to be located at the time.

Join us, whether you’re a student,  a visitor,  a family with little kids,  a novice explorer,  or an expert adventurer, as we share our adventures.

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