Sego Canyon Cemetery and Ghost Town – Grand County, UT

Sego is an old mining town that was deserted about 1955 when the coal industry kind of died in Utah.  It’s a fun little place to explore, complete with a cemetery nearby and the Sego Canyon Petroglyphs. There are some old bridges, an old mine, shacks and old brick buildings that are slowly falling apart.  There is also an old car that was left behind.  I love poking around old cemeteries and this one is super interesting. Near the cemetery there is a tree with an assortment of things hanging off the branches.  Check out our instagram account for more pictures.


Get off exit 187 and go north through Thompson town.  Head towards the canyon and pass the petroglyphs. At a fork in the road, turn right and you’ll see a small cemetery.  After you go up the canyon, you will arrive in the ghost town when you see some old buildings, or an old bridge.


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