Gemini Bridges – Moab, UT

Gemini Bridges is a popular mountain biking or 4×4 trail in Moab which is often busy on the weekends. The drive provides stunning views of the diverse landscape in the area. The road leads to Gemini Bridges which consist of a top view of two arches located right next to each other.   To get to the bridges, there is a small hike and are not apparent until you are right on top of them.  Watch out with little kids as there is no railing near the edges with a big drop off.

For a 4×4, this trail is an easy trail and suitable for most moderate clearance SUVs, although there are possible washouts after storms.

Driving Directions:

From Center Street in Moab, drive north 9.8 miles on Hwy 191 and turn left into Gemini Bridges parking lot. Parking lot is 1.2 miles before you reach Hwy 313.  This trail is 13.1 miles and the best time to ride it is between March and November.


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