Parowan Gap – Parowan, UT

20170318_171335If you are looking for something quick to do and fun to explore, you must go check out the Parowan Gap. The Parowan Gap is listed on the National Register of Historical Places and is known for having a large amount of Native American Petroglyphs.   The petroglyphs were created from a variety of groups, including but not limited to the Fremont Indians and Paiutes. When Parley P Pratt came down to explore and settle the area, they documented the gap as a place that Chief Walder called “God’s Own House.”

Parowan Gap is also a geological and astronomical phenomenon.  During the Spring/ Fall Equinox and Summer and Winter Solstice, you can watch the sun rise and set between the two pillars of rocks.  During these natural phenomenons, there is often accompanied by an interpretive program. Be sure to visit to find details about the next event.

Many eagles also nest at Parowan Gap. Be sure to bring good binoculars to spot them!

More information about the Parowan Gap:


From Cedar City – Go north on Main (or take Interstate 15 Exit 62) to UT 130. Continue north 13.5 miles, then turn east (right) 2.5 miles on a good gravel road to Parowan Gap.

From Parowan – Go north on Main to 400 North. Turn west (left) for 10.5 miles on good gravel road (near Milepost 19).



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