Thunderbird Gardens – Cedar City, UT

Today we went exploring around Thunderbird Gardens.  Thunderbird Gardens Trail-head is fairly new trail system in Cedar City located behind the golf course.  There are a few hiking trails, along with a few ATV and mountain biking trails that stretch across the red hills.  20170314_184848

Being short on time, Mr. and I opted to go explore some of the unknown trails instead of the main trails, especially as the evenings are still a little chilly and the Little Man gets cold really quick.


Our adventures led us to some very pretty views of the valley and some rocks.

Next time when we have more time and it gets a little warmer, we will have to check out some of the longer trails, like Thor’s Hideout.


Drive north on Main Street until 900 North (across from the City Cemetery) then turn East. Stay to the left as the road splits to the golf course parking lot and a dirt road. Follow the dirt road for about a mile; there will be a large parking lot with signs for Thunderbird Gardens.

Make sure to wear good shoes (not sandles) and bring some water. During the daylight hours, be sure to wear sunscreen. During the evening, bring a jacket as the mountains block the sun causing it to be a little chilly.


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